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Their ugly faces I could still see, as i cried to the hearing of just a soul. A night of distress and glum to the core, though it was suppose to be my first and joyful night of been in a higher academic place of learning. So many thoughts on how the day would endure and much more ready to call my friends and give a tell on how it went the next day.
 In the early hour of the evening i went out to buy fresh vegetable to prepare my favorite meal was passing towards an uncompleted building was approached by two bold and strong statured young men whom i greeted but shunned and dragged me into the uncompleted building, suddenly they tore my cloth like the biblical soldier and began to take turns, the sky darken and i could hear the sound of thunder accompanied by lightening, i pleaded with them that i am a new student and offered to give them all i had but they gave deaf ears and refused to stop until i went unconscious.
Two days in comma was something no child or girl could wish herself was only seventeen. The doctor came in and asked how i was and what happened i was Raped i said to him i was only wishing to get better and pain free i added, suddenly i saw the wards door of saint martins hospital open and i saw daddy and mummy rushing to me in tears, on seeing their tears i felt the pain of been a victim after which the doctor invited them to his office for a talk.
 The doctor told that the same night of my incident that there was also a girl that was raped but died in the process and said i was lucky to be alive.
 I never knew i was once raped as a child of which my parents never mentioned to me but because such incident repeated itself again made up to me  and vowed those responsible will be found and dealt with . That was the first time i saw my parents red in the face which by that expression i knew he was would use all he had including going extra miles to get them inside bar.
 few days later i was discharge from the hospital and started lectures the following day, from that i began to have a different mindset including that of the victims RAPE, I was thinking it was only those who attend party or drink alcohol and live some kind of life styles that get RAPED, innocent ones too get victimized.
 Days later i received a joyful call from my parents telling me those responsible for my rape had been caught last night in the process of caring out another rape, and this time it was not a teenager but a rev sister working with saints martins catholic church. she happens to be lucky or should i say luck is on her side.
 I decided to join a non governmental organization who where doing awareness in the school whose primary aim is to help young ladies or girls in various spheres of life that was yet another starting point to say NO TO RAPE.

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